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Tell your Legislator to stop the #BillionaireBoulevard!

Leaders in the Florida House and Senate are rushing through legislation that would build three new massive and expensive toll road highways through some of the most rural and pristine natural areas of our state.

And it is more than roads. Their plan also includes sewer, utilities, and even broadband - the ingredients of urban sprawl - all to the extreme financial benefit of billionaire land developers who, coincidentally, are also mega-political donors to some of the state's most powerful elected officials and PACs.

Climate change and sea level rise are serious threats to the long-term livability of our state. Instead of building the #BillionaireBoulevard to help their big-time political donor friends, Florida's leaders should be focusing on reducing Florida's reliance on dirty fossil fuels for transportation and increasing public transit options.

Tell your legislators to stop the #BillionaireBoulevard!
Add your name to this open letter to Governor DeSantis!

Clean energy helps protect Florida’s families by reducing harmful emissions from the electric and transportation sectors while simultaneously driving economic growth and creating good paying jobs. There is no debate that Florida will experience a higher frequency of extreme events related to climate change including more intense hurricanes, inland flooding, heat-related health threats, and toxic algae blooms.

Governor Ron DeSantis can address these challenges in a meaningful way and grow jobs by prioritizing and removing barriers to clean energy investments and by making clean, renewable energy more accessible and affordable for all Floridians.

Add your name to this open letter to Governor DeSantis!

Tell Governor DeSantis to use VW's settlement funds for electric school buses!

Volkswagen was caught cheating federal emissions tests, and are now paying a $14.7 billion settlement. We’re demanding Governor DeSantis to use the tens of millions of dollars our state is receiving from the VW settlement to upgrade our aging fleet of toxic diesel school buses to zero-emissions electric buses. This will clean the air in our communities, bolster the fight against climate change, and protect the lungs of the millions of kids who ride buses every day.

Tell Governor DeSantis: Use the VW settlement money to switch from dirty diesel school buses to zero-emissions electric school buses!
Join the Underwater HOA!

The Underwater HOA began in 2018 as a participatory public art project by acclaimed environmental artist, Xavier Cortada. The goal of the project is to create awareness about rising sea levels and engage citizens throughout Florida to take action towards solving the most urgent crisis of our times: climate change.

Now, in collaboration with Mr. Cortada, FCV Education Fund and LCV Education Fund's Rock the Earth program are laying the foundation for communities to organize around these issues.

Join the Underwater HOA today!