What is the mission of Florida Conservation Voters?

We elect conservation leaders to public office. We aim to become the state’s leading non-partisan political voice for protecting Florida’s environment. We will elect, educate, and hold elected officials accountable for their conservation and environmental policy votes through a multi-pronged approach, including elections, legal action, voter outreach, grassroots activism, and lobbying.

Why did you change your name?

Florida’s Water and Land Legacy was formed as a coalition of non-profit environmental organizations for the sole purpose of passing Amendment 1, the Water and Land Conservation Amendment. Our mission is broadening and we wanted to reflect that in our name. We remain wholly committed to the Amendment 1 coalition and, beyond that, building power to protect Florida’s environment.

How will we accomplish long-lasting protections for Florida’s environment?

With your help, we will elect, educate, and hold our elected officials accountable for their environmental and conservation policy votes. We will work to ensure that lawmakers make our springs, parks, rivers, wildlife, iconic treasures like the Everglades, and clean energy a top priority while in office. And we’ll hold lawmakers who undermine sound environmental policies accountable.

What about the Amendment 1 lawsuit?

Amendment 1 will remain a top priority and we are wholly committed to defending our landmark victory. We are currently working with our Amendment 1 partners and Florida’s top constitutional lawyers to map out our legal strategy for defending Amendment 1. We want to make sure that we present the strongest lawsuit possible.

How can I help?

We hope you’ll become a member of Florida Conservation Voters today. Your contribution will help ensure that conservation becomes a priority for our elected officials once again. Please become a member today!