Dear Florida: Your Resiliency is Your Strength

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August 6, 2019
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August 12, 2019
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Dear Florida: Your Resiliency is Your Strength

Dear Florida, 

My home state, my haven – the things I love about you multiply with every day spent in nature. Your flora and fauna never fail to amaze me; your resiliency is your strength. 

There’s a violent beauty to our coasts. Whipped by wind, shaped by shifting sands, soaked by thunderstorms, dried by the midday sun; so much activity – birth, death, decay – all fueling the never-ending cycle that keeps us moving. Our ecosystems are fragile yet strong, adapted to the changing seasons. 

When Hurricane Michael raided your shores, much was lost. Barrier islands broke in two, as they’re known to do. Water flooded the streets we built. Our human homes were washed away on that stormy night and yet, the next morning the sun rose again. 

We have a lot to rebuild – our storefronts, stormwater systems, schools – but you’ll make light work of restoring yourself when given the time and resources. We can help by clearing the way. We can help by buying you time, and buying vulnerable conservation land so you can heal. 

For priceless places like St. Joseph Bay Preserve State Park, Torreya State Park, and Florida Caverns State Park – we will rebuild. Both naturally, and with a little human help. 

Thank you Florida, for teaching us to stay strong in the face of change.


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